this is “Song about a love”, with Marcus Moeller – drums, Marius Goldhammer – bass and Markus Segschneider – guitar.
Fun was had..

from the fabulous TRESOHR-Sessions, here’s “I wish I was in love with you”, one of my favourite songs during my live sets.

“January”, a new song written with Jen Hajj, filmed on Sept 3rd, 2017 at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival.


Filmed live during a gig earlier this year in Melle-Buer, Niedersachsen, this is “Harder to breathe”, a song form the forthcoming album.


I do record new songs in my kitchen frequently. This one is from the new album, too.


from the great “LePop Live” series, recorded in the summer of 2013 in beautiful Copenhagen:


here’s another one I did with my good friends Jacob Svendsen & Martin Tomlinson in 2015: