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September 2022
Really? “Oh, August, what have you become, you used to be so fair…”

It was a lovely August. I spend a weekend of gigs back in Germany and it was great to reconnect with some old ghosts and haunts, I’ve been down in Cork and Westcork, seen the breathtaking Beara peninsula and some of the wilderness and beauty of Kerry… and Dingle. I’m in love and I will return soon.

A few things:
For the past months, I have been playing my very own version of ‘I’ll tell me ma‘ in pubs around Ireland. It seems to be the kind of song that attracts people’s attention and is able to quieten a room, so I decided to give it a proper #BandcampFriday release on September 02.
You’ll find it here

6 months after my last stream from @smockalley in Dublin, I will return to the screen for an hour of songs & stories and a duet with a special guest from the beautiful Aille River Hostel in Doolin, Co, Clare.
It all happens on Wednesday, Sept. 07, 8 p.m. GMT on my YouTube-channel!

Every Thursday night, I am live in Cruises Bar in Ennis, for an evening of original songs and stories.
Check out all other live-dates here!

August 2022
The year is flying by and I would have so much to tell you, but this website business doesn’t seem to be a business of mine. Excuse me!
Just a quick for the first weekend in August, because I am in a bit of a hurry. All the information is in the picture.

March 2022
War is on our doorstep, closer than it’s been for a long time, and I find it hard to write about the many positive things that happened in the last couple of months:

On January 26th, I released the 4th and final single before the release of my new album ‘It’s OK, I’m still laughing!’
It’s called ‘To the dreamers.’ It is for those who doubt and those who dream, which are often the same kind of people. You can listen and purchase here.
It has received quite a bit of airplay in Ireland and the UK again and I hope I can expand this.

I have continued the Wednesday streams, but announced two weeks ago, that I will end them with episode 100. We’re on the homestretch now:
from the barn, ‘The Upstage’, somewhere on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany, I will stream ‘WednesdaysLive with Martin Praetorius #99‘ on March 9th in front of a live audience.

This, after two years, will be the last show on the home-turf, before I head to Dublin, to stream the 100th and final weekly episode of #WednesdaysLive from the Boys’ School of Smock Alley Theatre in the heart of the city, on March 16th!

Tickets for #99 are only sold local.Tickets for Dublin are here:
Wednesdays live with Martin Praetorius #100

Both shows will of course be streamed on my YouTube channel, in full HD and with High-Fidelity-Stereo-Sound.

If you want to keep in touch and support me, please sign up to my newsletter. This website will get an overhaul in the next couple of weeks, and I hope to move more and more content away from social media.

For now, be safe and don’t lose hope!


January 2022
Happy New Year one and all! May it bring only the best for you and yours!

I have new music coming and will send out the 4th and final single before the release of the album on January 26th.

I am also keeping up “Wednesdays live with Martin Praetorius” the series of weekly live-streams, but I have moved it to YouTube. They provide much better sound and vision.
Join me and the bubble, every Wednesday at 21:00 CET on my channel, for an hour of songs and friends

I took a live version of “When the moon comes out” from one of those streams. You can watch it here.
I hope you enjoy.

The last single “House with yellow windows” enjoyed quite some airplay in Ireland and the UK. You can listen and purchase here.

More news on the album coming soon. Until then, be well!

November 2021
“And the world is big and full of autumn… (Greg Brown)

I am very sorry to have neglected this website again. I released another single form the forthcoming album on October 1st.

It’s a song called “House with yellow windows” and it was written a good few summers ago, in Copenhagen, with my friends Jacob Svendsen and Burton Jesperson.

Have a listen and purchase here. If you bought the crowdfunding version of the first single “All the travelling”, a download code was sent to you prior to the release.

August 2021

New single!

I’m delighted to tell you about my new single “Into the Mystic”, written by Van Morrison.

It’s the second single from my forthcoming album “It’s OK, I’m still laughing!” It was released on the 6th of August and is available on Bandcamp.

It is one of those songs that you hear and instantly feel at home with. It never grows old. It’s always new and exciting. It always stays with you like a good friend. It’s one of my favourite Summer songs.

“Wednesdays live with Martin Praetorius

“My weekly live-stream on my Facebook music account “Wednesdays live with Martin Praetorius” will celebrate its 74th episode this week, August 18th, at 21:00 CEST.

April 2021

I’m delighted to tell you that the first single from my forthcoming album “It’s OK, I’m still laughing!” has arrived on the digital shelf of Bandcamp.

The B-side is really a goodie. It only comes in the crowd-funding version for the album.

You can buy the album in advance to help me generate the funds to make it!

The album will be released on November 5th, 2021.