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Nur Mut! – Be Brave!

Nur Mut! – Be Brave!
The postcard in the picture above has been lying on the dashboard of my car ever since I left my hometown and hit the road in the spring of 2018, determined to live the life of a travelling troubadour without a permanent base of my own.

This wasn’t a rash decision or something I did on a whim.
It was a plan I’d had since the autumn of 2012, since I couldn’t resist the urge to write and sing my own material again
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More beauty than one man can take…

On Tuesday I drove from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, to Dooagh on Achill Island, after having been live on Highlands Radio with Paul McDevitt the night before.
I took the scenic route through Ballyshannon, Bundoran, Cliffony and then turned left onto small country roads that brought me close to the mighty Benbulbin … Continue readingMore beauty than one man can take…

House With Yellow Windows

The view from the kitchen window here on Achill. A house with yellow windows. Well, frames at least…
I am really happy, that the song my brother Jacob Svendsen and the amazing silversmith Burton Jespersen wrote with yours truly one summer’s afternoon in Copenhagen a good few moons ago, seems to be slowly making the transition from an ‘almost hit’ to an ‘almost classic.’ … Continue readingHouse With Yellow Windows