In Ireland, where he has made his home for the past two years, he has been called “the German with the Irish heart” (David Dee Moore Radio Show), “A Late Date favourite” (Fiachna Ó Braonáin, RTE Radio 1) or “One of our own” (Eoin O’Neill, Clare FM).
Iain Anderson of BBC Radio Scotland called Martin Praetorius’ latest single Summer is gone “a powerful song”, and the praise goes on.

The Essen, Germany born singer-songwriter is a troubadour in the truest sense of the word. He has long been at home on the world’s stages, playing his music in Scandinavia, Ireland, England and Scotland, Europe, Greenland and the USA.
After several years of touring without a fixed base, he now spends most of his time in Ireland, connecting with folk and trad musicians alike, learning, collaborating and exploring.
One of his releases, ‘Down to the sea’, finds him working with the great Clare Uilleann Piper Blackie O’Connell, the latest single “Thoughts & Prayers” features the experimental and avant-garde sounds of acclaimed Cork fiddler Eoghan Neff.

With a keen sense of the situation, Praetorius fuses a unique blend of folk, Americana and Celtic influences into a larger framework and takes his listeners on a journey.
Although inspired by many of the great songwriters, and often sharing the stage with well-known acts from the international songwriting scene, Martin Praetorius presents his own style, singing short stories that aim point-blank, straight at the heart.

He has released two albums under his own name, “Affairs of the heart” and the latest, “Tales from the feverworld”, on the German label POTTpeople.

The new album, “It’s Ok, I’m still laughing!” was released on April 5th on Bandcamp, with streaming services to follow at a later date.

Here’s what people say:

“A ‘Late Date’ favourite.”
Fiachna Ó Braonain, RTE Radio 1, Ireland

“The German with the Irish heart.
David Dee Moore, Acoustic Yard Radio Show

“One of our own.”
Eoin O’Neill, Clare FM

“A powerful song.”
Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland on “Summer is gone”

“It’s hard to take on classic tunes like that and leave some sort of imprint of your own, but fair play to Martin Praetorius, that’s a fine version of Van Morrison’s ‘Into the mystic’.”

Ralph Mc Lean, BBC Radio Ulster

“Martin Praetorius retaining a sense of Celtic grace with his version of Van Morrison’s ‘Into the mystic.’ Who would dare cover Van Morrison in such a brilliant way!”
Alex Huskisson, Mystery Train Radio, UK

Martin Praetorius – promo shot – © Dirk Prußak. Click to download!

Martin Praetorius uses Kyser Capos, and Faith Guitars courtesy of Musik Wein.