Summer Is Gone – a folk song

I hadn’t planned on releasing brand new music, but then things took a different turn. I spilled “brain to paper” what had been piling up in my head and let the momentum take over.
Although as a songwriter it is usually a good idea to let a new song sit and revisit it after a while to make any necessary changes, I believe this song needs to be out now, and not on some record that might be released in 3 years time.

“Summer is gone” was written & recorded , mixed and mastered during the last full week of October in a house in Hamburg,

Germany, heavily but by no means only triggered by the current events in the Middle East.
It is a song that basically wrote itself in a rare moment of unfiltered creativity. It carries within the desire to come together and unite in peace and love.

This song is literally “off the record.” It was released on 3 November on Bandcamp and minm, with all other platforms to follow on 10 November. It will not appear on the album that is going to land at some point.

“A powerful song.”
Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

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