People, take heart…

It was a humble yet sublime moment in Vicar Street, Dublin last night when Glen Hansard asked the crowd to sit down for ‘Take Heart’, a song he wrote with Markéta Irglová to express his feelings about the war in Ukraine.

And as one of the Ukrainian singers that joined him last night told the heartbreaking story of an activist friend of hers, who had been in Ireland just two months ago, and then fell at the Frontline two weeks ago, (apologies for not remembering either of their names) l was contemplating about how uncivilized mankind in the 21st Century is, to still believe that war is an answer to the conflicts on our planet.

What if we all sat down, peacefully, and said “No” to war?

I believe it’s in education, and before that happens, we especially need to teach the boys and young men better and differently, teach them that “strong” is not he who beats someone, but he who lends a helping hand.

The conflicts and problems we are facing leave no time for war. War leaves nothing but destruction. What is our choice?People, take heart. We have to make this world better, and we are running out of time.

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